Quotations by Adam Smith

The Father of Economics, about free market, trade, government...

If you were lucky enough to spend your life living in the Free World, you should know upon whose legacy it was founded. In 1776, the year America was born, Adam Smith published the book “The Wealth of Nations” and the economics was born as well. His logic is continuation of Judeo-Christian philosophy based on the concept of individuals and the concept of free-will. By following the right path when encountering dichotomies described in the book “Unlearning Communism”, you will follow Adam Smith and you will create the ideal Free Society. Unfortunately, many nations have decided to follow the opposite pathway, pathway of collectivism, marked with the trail of blood spilled during the XX century.

Quotes from Thomas Jefferson

The real meaning of the words "LEFT" and "RIGHT" in politics

It's incredibly simple, and yet, people are constantly making mistakes

Right = Agree with the statement, Left = Disagree with the statement. Statement - must be defined first. 

Quotes from Njegosh

Prince-Bishop from the XIX century Montenegro 

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Baltic Way, when 1/4 of population formed a magnificent human chain in defiance of Communism

Millions of people in glorious defiance and stance against communism. Baltic states, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, 30 years ago. 

Link to the official website of the event.

Context of the protest

50 years before the protest, Hitler and Stalin signed the deal and USSR took 3 Baltic states. 
Listen to the wording of Soviet communists: "yes, it was immoral but history must not divide us now".  

They have no problem stealing the elections, murdering thousands, enslaving millions, and just like that tell you that it should not affect the unity between you and them.

The Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith, Audio Book

Battle of Athens 1946

Incredible story of something unimaginable